About Penguin Automated Systems

We are a robotics firm engaged primarily in the mining industry. Under the leadership of Dr. Greg Baiden, we have established world leading expertise in the development of automation strategies for the mining industry and the development of telerobotic systems to work in extreme and hazardous environments. This expertise is based on a depth of experience in mineral extraction and production. It is also based on years of research and development with respect to underwater and space applications.

Our current projects include the development of an automated system to safely bring down hang-ups in block cave mines and a geospatial mapping system for underground mine structures and large sewer tunnels. These important product solutions are being introduced to the commercial market in 2015.

We have also completed the development of a cooperative robot system involving large machines operated remotely from a telecommand centre. This highly innovative system may be transported in shipping containers to the site of an emergency or a disaster where the machines, customized for the task, undertake dangerous work, keeping people out of harm’s way.

We are currently updating the Penguin website in order to better describe our services, our capabilities and our latest technical achievements. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy the brief introduction contained in the brochure and videos below.

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