Safely creating independence with teleautonomy.

    At Penguin, we strive to enhance the way our world works.  We do this by providing solutions to complex and hazardous tasks in industries such as mining, underwater work, and sewer systems.

    Our new, groundbreaking technologies replaces the required existing technologies of today and enables the teleoperation for these activities.  By applying  speciality communications, software and robotic machines, unique electronics, teleautonomy, and mobile mechatronics, we achieve results that make for a safer, more productive future, now.

    Watch an early concept video of underwater teleoperation










    Technology to usher in robotics with a human touch.

    The technologies that Penguin ASI develops are derived from investigating the difficult problems of today's mining while using the robotic manufacturing as a guide to determine the requirements for future mining. Telerobotic mining thinking has been based on Dr. Baiden’s (Chairman & CTO of Penguin ASI) vision for the future of applying robotics with the human touch. Since then, we have developed a level of expertise in telerobotics that places us in an unique position to progress multiple industries.

    We have and will continue to expand the innumerable ways in which our technology can benefit the way our world works.





    From sketch to prototype all under the same roof

    Our operations take place at the Penguin Research Centre (PRC) located in Naughton, Ontario, just outside Sudbury. The PRC offers numerous in house capabilities for prototyping, research, training and constructing.

    Our suite of products provide a wide range of options from underwater and free space wireless optical networking to underground GPS systems, inertial navigation for positioning and much more.

    PRC houses a rapid prototyping centre, custom electronics and manufacturing lab, custom mechanical and construction design centre along with a composite construction and real time software facility.

    See an image of the optical dome



    Decades of experience solving large scale problems.

    Our team consists of some of the most exciting minds in the telerobotics field.  The team is led by Dr. Greg Baiden, a world leader in Robotics and Automation. He is not only the Chairman and CTO of Penguin ASI but a Professor in the School of Engineering at Laurentian University as well.

    At Penguin, we have combined the best and the brightest in each area of our field, and continue to work with and seek out the freshest minds in telerobotics.