underwater robot wireless communication system

High Capacity Wireless Networking

  • OCS™ (Optical Communications Systems)
  • OCS™ targeted to supersede 5G & 6G
  • Underwater, underground, surface, outer space
  • Mining, military, manufacturing, farming, exploration
remote control command centres

Robot Control Command Centres

  • Gaming console technology
  • Tele-autonomy for heavy machinery or robots
  • One person, multiple machines
  • Long distance wireless communications
geospacial mining tunnel remote mapping

Geospatial Mapping Systems

  • Technology supersedes SLAM
  • Ideal for mining, sewers, underwater, exploration
  • GPS and/or GPS-Denied environments
  • High tech, fast, solid communications
custom remote control robots

Industrial Tele-Autonomous Robots

  • Remote controlled from a safe distance
  • Mining hang-up, assessment & removal
  • Law enforcement, military, farming, industrial, space
custom remote control robots

Sales & Leasing

  • Robot & networking equipment & systems sales
  • Lease options available
  • Lease to own options available
  • Custom hybrid packages available
hang-up assessment & removal robots

Multi-Robot Fleet Systems & Swarming AI Interfaces

  • Custom robotic design & programming
  • Custom wireless interfaces for remote control
  • Feasibility studies for best approach
  • Retrofit transceivers in existing heavy equipment
custom remote control robots

Project & Equipment Management Services

  • Ship and drop off
  • Setup, implement, train and walk away
  • Setup implement with ongoing management
  • Tele-contracting of robot operation
greg baiden keynote speaker

Dr. Greg Baiden, Keynote Speaker