Our Hang-up Assessment and Removal Robot System was designed to safely remove rock blockage in draw points and passes in underground mines.  This system consists of a Hang-up Robot with a two arms connected by a knuckle and a Command Vehicle to teleoperate the Hang-up Robot.

The Hang-up Robot has a base 8 wheeled undercarriage housing battery propulsion, an inertial positioning system and a real time computer operation system.  Mounted on the robot undercarriage is a lower arm reaches out approximately 5 metres (15 feet).  An upper arm connected to the lower arm reaches up approximately 10 metres (30 feet).  The knuckle unfolds the upper arm to a maximum of 135 degrees.  On the end of the upper arm is an End-Effector consisting of an electric rock drill and a sleeve with blasting wire reel for an explosive charge.  Alternatively, a second End-Effector for gluing explosives will be available shortly.

The real time computer operation system connects to the inertial system providing underground position and the vector of the machine.  With the knowledge of position and vector the system and the motor control of all machine effectors the robot provides two base functions.  The first function scans the hang-up to map the location of the “keystone”.  The second uses this data to locate the precise location to place the explosive to remove the blockage.