The technologies that Penguin ASI develops are derived from the Mine of the Future thinking by Dr. Greg Baiden (Chairman & CTO of Penguin ASI).

This thinking applied the latest in advanced manufacturing technology through the implementation of telerobotics and automation to mining with the vision for the future of applying robotics with the human touch.

Dr. Baiden along with a team of academics and specialists generated this thinking through his Canadian Research Chair, which focused on the teleoperation of an underground mining and the integration of the various components and machine systems necessary for the project to be successful.

This R&D was conducted to address key issues: safety in mines, declining economic value of mines in a developed country, and addressing the issues of waste elimination. Research and development indicated numerous advantages of the robotic mining technology through the application of this thinking.

Since then research has grown exponentially and is now being commercialized by Penguin ASI at its facilities at the  Penguin Research Center (PRC) is located 15km west of Sudbury in Naughton, Ontario.

Mining Hang-Up Assessment Testing