Investment Opportunities

 Ground Level Investment Opportunity 

High Capacity Wireless Networking 

Penguin ASI is currently seeking investors to help develop the patented Optical Communication System (OCS™) technology, which has potential for several end user applications, including but not limited to, mining (underground, ocean floor, lunar), farming, autonomous remote heavy equipment operations and many other conceivable applications.

For as little as $1,000,000US, you could acquire an equity stake in the Optical Communication System Division of Penguin ASI.

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The idea of tele-autonomy is only feasible if a highly capable network system is in place. This network must have high capacity with the ability to work wirelessly in many environments such as in open air, in a contained space, underground and underwater.

A number of applications can be dealt with using WiFi but the technique ultimately suffers from a lack of capacity for the demanding application of tele-autonomy.

Penguin’s unique foundation networking technology consists of building high capacity networks using WiFi and our patented Optical Communication System (OCS™) technology, which is targeted to supersede 5G and 6G for speed, reliability and low latency. Our OCS communications system will work on the surface, underground, underwater and in outer space.

Optical Communication System Testing

Optical Communication System

This technology uses light frequency as opposed to WiFi radio waves to communicate wirelessly from one device to another.  The bandwidth constraints of 5G and the proposed 6G technologies and is addressed with OCS, which is much faster with reduced latency  time. Time sensitive autonomous devices become much more feasible.