Industrial Tele-Autonomous Robots 

A tele-autonomous robot is a robot that is remote controlled from a safe distance. First developed as a Mining Hang-up Assessment & Removal Robot, a robot can be programed to perform limitless tasks with precision and accuracy.

From something as simple as  transmitting HD video back to the command centre to something as complicated as traversing through a mine, locating a blockage (hang-up), drilling a hole, planting an explosive in the hole, backing away and detonating the explosive from a safe distance.

  • Underground
  • Open Pit
  • Subsea & Underwater
  • In Space
  • On Surface
  • Inside Sewer, Water & Other Pipelines

 Multi-Robot Fleet Systems 

A Multi-Robot Fleet System is a fleet of robots being operated from one command centre, quite possibly by one person.

An example would be multiple farm machines going up and down the rows autonomously in a field(s) with one person in the command centre operating them all.

Another example would be multiple dump trucks working in a mine, picking up and dropping off loads while being operated by one person in the command centre above ground.

 Robot Control Command Centres 

Penguin Automated Systems Inc. offers Robot Control Command Centres. We configure the transceivers at both ends, including on your existing machines, and set up the wireless  communications network required for the specific application.

  • Single or Mult-Station
  • Stationary or mobile trailer based
  • Allows for tele-operation of robots & machinery from a safe distance
  • One teleoperator can operate multiple machines

 Geospatial Mapping Systems 

Penguin Automated Systems Inc. is pleased to introduce “M3D2” our 3D Mapping Droid. M3D2 is capable of high precision mapping and data collection in both GPS and GPS-denied environments. This mapping is complemented with numerous sensors can be added for investigating ventilation performance, tunnel quality, in situ geology and many more mapped parameters.

The droid is capable of being operated from long distances away, protecting the operator while gathering data in life threatening environments.

 High Capacity Wireless Networking 

The idea of tele- autonomy is only feasible if a highly capable network system is in place. This network must have high capacity with the ability to work wirelessly in many environments such as in open air, in a contained space, underground and underwater.

A number of applications can be dealt with using WiFi but the technique ultimately suffers from a lack of capacity for the demanding application of tele-autonomy.

Penguin’s unique foundation networking technology consists of building high capacity networks using WiFi and our patented Optical Communication System (OCS™) technology, which is targeted to supersede 5G and 6G for speed, reliability and low latency. Our OCS communications system will work on the surface, underground, underwater and in outer space in GPS and GPS-denied environments.

 Custom Robots & Custom Software Applications 

We provide telerobotic applications for the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Exploration
  • Security – Oil & Gas Industries
  • Military & Law Enforcement
  • Industrial, Institutional & Government
  • Farming
  • Sewer, Water & Other Pipelines

Sample Videos Of Some Of Our Work

One of our first telerobotic demonstrations was operating two mining trucks in a mine in Sudbury using a gaming console and television monitors in a presentation centre in Toronto with over 1,200 people in the audience.